• The GCL Program at Georgetown University is truly a unique experience filled with different kinds of enlightening lessons about worldwide leadership and competitiveness. But the most valuable lesson I took from the GCL Program experience is that the source of true leadership relies within what makes up the inner core of a person. The program shows you how all the actions and decisions you make permeate into defining who you are, what you do, and why you do it. This is an important aspect within the program which teaches you that leadership and competitiveness starts with a key element, You! If you are committed to make a change in the world you must first be committed to be that change."

    Reynaldo Conedera, Honduras

  • GCL taught me that we need to believe in the power of friendship, commitment and leadership, in order to shape the region that we want, a strong Latin America, self-confident and transparent; to create a powerful region, a competitive region, a fair region, and to believe that together we can build brick by brick the dreamed home of our children and the future home of our grandsons.”

    Ruben Alberto Cano Balcorta, Mexico

    Ruben Cano
  • GCL gave me a network of siblings throughout Ibero-America (countries and their concerns are no longer anonymous, they have faces, there is a connection). I also took a deeper understanding of who I am, what my purpose is, and how to achieve it.”

    Paola Gomez, Panama

    Paola Gomez
  • The GCL program made me realize my responsibility with my region, especially with my country. GCL changed my mentality of having a dream into having a goal. Thanks to GCL I am not only concern about what is happening in my country, but also in my region, knowing that there are also friends in other countries interested about what is happening in my country.  In GCL you are not only learning from professors, you learn the most from your peers and the environment you are in. Learning all this, changed my mentality about accepting excuses such as “we are Latin”, “that only works in the US”, etc., in order to accept average education, institutions or goals. In my continent we are capable of achieving excellence. "

    Nicolás Cárdenas, Venezuela