GCL Impact Award

    The GCL Impact Award has been created by the Latin American Board and GCL Advisory Committee as a way to recognize a GCL alumnus who has had outstanding leadership in promoting the multiplier effect in the Ibero-American Region.

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    Soledad Nuñez

    Paraguay GCL’2014

    The 2017 GCL Impact Award was awarded to Soledad Nuñez from Paraguay. Soledad is the Minister of Housing and Habitat of Paraguay.

    She was named Minister of Housing and Habitat of Paraguay at the age of 31, making her the youngest minister of the cabinet and the first woman to assume the leadership of this Ministry. In her first year in office, Soledad was able to multiply the production of social housing at the national level four times and she continues to work within the Ministry to improve the well-being of the citizens of Paraguay.

    Soledad’s efforts are a clear example of the mission of the GCL program to activate a multiplier effect that can have a positive and exponential impact in the region.

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    Pablo Jaramillo

    Colombia GCL’10

    The 2016 GCL Impact Award was awarded to Pablo Jaramillo from Colombia. Jaramillo is the founder and CEO of Enseña por Colombia (part of the Teach for All network), a nonprofit organization that promotes quality educational opportunities facilitated by the brightest recent college graduates in Colombia. To date, Enseña por Colombia has 4,600 volunteers.

    Jaramillo also founded Volunteers Colombia, a project to enlist English speaking volunteers to teach English in Colombian schools. This initiative started in 2009 with 5 U.S. fellows and has grown considerably over the years. In 2014, there were 200 volunteers and as of today, there are 800 volunteers from different English speaking countries currently working in Colombia. The volunteers teach or co-teach for the duration of one year in existing schools located in rural areas of the country.

    Both of Jaramillo’s projects have been recognized by the Presidency of Colombia and the Colombian Ministry of Education. Volunteers Colombia has now been integrated into public policy under the program Colombia Bilingue 2014-2018.

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    Alvaro Henzler

    Peru, GCL’07

    Upon culminating the GCL Program, Alvaro along with 4 other young professionals co-founded EnseñaPeru, partner of the global network Teach For All. EnseñaPeru seeks to empower young leaders to become change agents through teaching experiences in vulnerable sectors, aiming to eliminate high inequality and low quality of education in Peru.

    EnseñaPeru has impacted 20,830 low income student and families throughout 13 regions of Peru including coast, high lands and jungle. Additionally, EnseñaPeru has worked with more than 60 schools and currently has 110 leaders participating in the program.

    EnseñaPeru is positioned as the second NGO in Peru with the greatest impact in education and was also a successful case presented in the United Nations Economic and Social Council in Geneva, Switzerland.

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    Felipe Dib

    Brazil, GCL’11

    Upon culminating the GCL Program, Felipe launched Você Aprende Agora, an English learning platform that offers free 3 minute-long classes. To this day, 3.8 million classes have been taught in 181 countries across the globe. Last month, Felipe launched the Spanish version Tu Aprendes Ahora which has delivered 7,000 classes across Latin America in which the highest number of hits come from Mexico, Colombia and Chile. He has also been chosen as a fellow by Endeavor, Agora Partnerships and other important organizations. Most recently, he was invited by the United Nations to contribute to a meeting regarding the Millennium Goals.

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    Alejandro Barja

    Bolivia, GCL’07

    Upon the culmination of the GCL Program in 2007, Alejandro founded FUNBOLIDER (Fundación Boliviana de Liderazgo para la Competitividad Global) a non-profit organization that seeks to form leaders who can contribute to society with a broader ideology based on competitiveness, excellence, equal rights and opportunities. The organization has trained 1,200 young Bolivian leaders up to date  through the various leadership programs offered by the organization on global competitiveness, business competitiveness, female leadership and youth leadership which have been developed in agreements with leading educational institutions in Bolivia.