Your support will enable young leaders to learn from diverse professors and experts about corporate, political and social issues facing our region today to become agents of change with an impact in their respective countries. The GCL Program is dedicated to developing human capital in a high-level and action-oriented setting that would only be available at Georgetown University. For most of the program participants, this is their first opportunity to study abroad in a prestigious institution such as Georgetown.

Many GCL Program alumni have gone on to become directors of nonprofits they launched after being inspired by their experience in the program. Some are now holding high-level positions in their country’s government and promoting new collaborative visions in public policy, while others are actively leading or promoting more responsible practices within corporations.

All GCL Sponsors will receive regular updates during the program’s duration and are invited to participate in the Program’s Graduation Luncheon and Ceremony.

For more information about how to donate to the GCL program, please contact: